refurbishment of listed buildings

Since the late 1970s, Acropole Charagionis has been actively supporting the idea that listed and traditional buildings should not be destroyed, since they can be adequately functional after reconstructing their interior according to the city's contemporary needs.

The company aims not only to economic profit by developing these buildings, but also to:

  • Protect the constructed environment, with respect to the architectural legacy
  • Upgrade traditional property development and management patterns to meet international standards and
  • Advertise the country on an International level, in the particular field
Some of the important redevelopments that Acropole Charagionis has completed are located in Athens, Piraeus and Kifisia, but also in other regions, particularly in Rhodes, Thessalonica and Heraclion, Crete.



LOCATION: 14, Kifissias Av., Ampelokipi - Athens
OPENING DATE: November 2005
TOTAL AREA: 2.500sqm
PLOT AREA: 786.32sqm
PROFILE OF THE CENTER: MULTI USE building: Retail / Culture /Entrtainment
DEVELOPER: Charagionis Group
ARCHITECTS: Charagionis team of Architects


  • Anesis Theater capacity 270 seats
  • Open air cinema Anesis capacity 550 seats
  • Imaginarium retail shop
  • Dasein Lab – philosophical cafe

Property information
This building was added to Charagionis group property portfolio on 2004.

At this period the building hosted a movie theater with capacity of 600 seats and an open air cinema at the terrace.

It is a listed building with an impressive façade day and night.

Charagionis group redeveloped the building creating retail units at the ground floor, a theater with all the modern theater infrastructure in relation to soundproofing , scenery , seating , lighting etc., and an open air cinema at the terrace.

Access to the property is easy by all public transportations.

Kifissia avenue is one of the avenues with the most heavy traffic flow in Athens.

The building is close to the crossroad of Kifissias Av. – Alexandras Av. – Vas. Sofias and has great visibility from all three streets



LOCATION: Sotiros 1, Filonos 67 & Notara, Piraeus
TOTAL AREA: 1.960sqm
PLOT AREA: 469,18sqm
PROFILE OF THE CENTER: Listed building with retail shops and offices / educational institutions
DEVELOPER: Charagionis Group
ARCHITECTS: Charagionis team of Architects


  • Pennie Shops
  • Shoes Mandy
  • AKMI institute

It is a listed building with impressive presence as it has facades at three streets
The pedestrian street Sotiros is the most commercial street of Piraeus.
Filonos Street is a well-known destination for the footwear market and generally is an "affordable" shopping destination in Piraeus market.

At this project the developer kept all the facades and redeveloped all the internal creating two ground floor levels for retail use, added all the extra square meters according to the building 's coefficient with the addition of one more floor level.


Listed building with beautiful architecture. It is one of the most important buildings of the city. A landmark building between Municipal Theatre and the port of Piraeus. This is the first building constructed by concrete in Greece. 100 year old, fully renovated in 2013, including strengthening of concrete structure to comply with current earth – quake regulations. All mechanical facilities of the building, including air conditioning and elevators are new.
Excellent visibility with a total of 82 meters length window display as it has façade at three streets.

LOCATION: V. Georgiou – Filonos & Notara, Piraeus
TOTAL AREA: 4.500sqm
PLOT AREA: 840sqm
DEVELOPER: Charagionis Group


  • Hennes & Mauritz ( H&M)
Charagionis Group added this building to its portfolio on 2009. At this period the building had retail stores at the ground floor and office spaces at the upper floors.

The success of H & M store in Piraeus, the first large store of the firm in Greece, has led H & M to gradually close down smaller stores in Greece opening new ones of at least 3.000 sq.m. each.
Already two in Thessaloniki while a third one is prepared down town Athens.


LOCATION: 27, Tsakalof str – Kolonaki - Athens
TOTAL AREA: 785,60sqm
PLOT AREA: 196,56sqm
PROFILE OF THE CENTER: Commercial building with two mesonnetes at the upper floors
DEVELOPER: Charagionis Group
ARCHITECTS: Charagionis group Architectural Team


  • "GUCCI" Store
Other information:
Listed building in Kolonaki which was completely reconstructed keeping only the facade in 2002.
Two sided properties
Located in the heart of Kolonaki


LOCATION: 4-6 Gravias str, Athens
OPENING DATE: under Construction
TOTAL AREA: 2.150 sqm
PLOT AREA: 280sqm
PROFILE OF THE CENTER: Offices building with ground floor shop a semi-basement and one basement for parking area
DEVELOPER: Charagionis Group
ARCHITECTS: Charagionis Group Architectural team

Property details:
The property is located in Gravias Street, in the centre of Athens. It consists of two adjusted listed buildings. This complex which is currently an undergoing development, will aesthetically upgrade the area through the preservation and renovation of the two aforementioned listed building's façades.
The project will have seven floors (total area 1.875 m2) with two underground levels.

It has great visibility located in the heart of Athens, with significant facade length, about 19 meters.
The architectural study has the two listed building's façade combined with the modern neutral glass as a background for the upper floors and the result will be an interesting aesthetic architecture solution.
The building will give easy access to PRM.